Cape Town Cycle Tour 2016 – Will you be cycling on 6th March?

The date for the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2016 has been confirmed by the event organisers as Sunday 6th March, and while it may be a week earlier than usual, it means we have one less week to wait until we head back down to South Africa for the World’s Largest Timed Cycle Race!

A fantastic event that draws over 35,000 cyclists to Cape Town each year, the Cape Town Cycle Tour (previously the Cape Argus), is set to be a huge event again in 2016, and while the #Showyoucaresolidarityride of 2015 is something we will always remember – we cannot wait to cycle the full 109km route next spring.

Cape Town Cycle Tour 2016 International Entries and RegistrationIf you are planning on taking part in the CTCT 2016, and you are thinking about renting a bike in Cape Town for the event – now is the time to book. I know that sounds crazy, but by the time registration opens in September, all decent road bikes will have been rented out – and you’ll be left with rusty old buckets at unreasonable prices!

If your bike and race time is important to you, it is always recommended that you take your own bike down to Cape Town for the event.  Many airlines allow you to transport your bike as part of your luggage allowance, so if you have a super-duper lightweight bike and you can pack light – it won’t cost you a penny.  Other airlines charge a fixed fee to transport your bike, which ranges from £110 – £180 depending on the airline you choose.  Either way – it works out cheaper than renting a bike – so bear that in mind!

Once you have arrived in Cape Town, you will probably want to build your bike and get some kilometres in after a long cold winter overseas, so book yourself on one or two cycle training tours and get the feel for the toasty temperatures and beautiful coastline that awaits you!

The Cape Town Cycle Tour 2016 is set to be the biggest and best yet, so don’t delay, reserve your spot today!


Cape Town Cycle Tour 2015 #Showyoucaresolidarityride

We have just returned from our annual pilgrimage to Cape Town for the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2015, and while it didn’t quite go to plan this year due to huge bush fires ravaging the Cape Peninsula in the week before the race, the event organisers still did a fantastic job with the #Showyoucaresolidarityride!

Sadly, the fires wiped out the possibility of cycling the traditional 109km Cape Town Cycle Tour route along the stunning coastline of the Western Cape, but that didn’t stop some 30,000 cyclist heading out to show their support for the firefighters and those who had lost their homes in the shortened 47km Solidarity Ride.

A short sprint from the city centre to Muizenberg and back, this year’s Cape Town Cycle Tour will certainly be one to remember, and while it was somewhat disappointing for those who had travelled from the other side of the world to participate in the World’s largest timed cycle event – we now have the perfect excuse to return to Cape Town next year! Cape Town Cycle Tour 2016 – Here We Come!!!

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Cape Town Cycle Tour 2015 – Last Chance to Enter!

Calling all international cyclists! Today is your last chance to enter the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2015, so if you are still dragging your feet, it’s time to pull up those Lycra shorts, dig out your favourite cycle jersey, and head on down to Cape Town to cycle the world’s largest and most beautiful cycle tour!

Cape Town Cycle Tour 2016 International Entries

International entries are set to close today, 20th February, so if you haven’t secured your spot yet, there is no time to delay.  Once entries are closed, they are closed until next September, so you will have to put your dream on hold for another year and cycle the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2016 if you’re not fast.

If you are worried about flights, accommodations and transporting your trusty steed to Cape Town for the cycle tour, worry not.  There are still plenty of flight seats available for international cyclists, you could grab a last-minute bargain in one of Cape Town’s numerous hotels, and if you can pack light, you can transport your bike as part of your luggage allowance = free!

Cape Town is bathing in temperatures of around 25° degrees at the moment, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and Cape ‘Argus’ mania is about to hit town – so do you really want to miss out?!

This time next week we will be on the plane to sunny South Africa to get some pre cycle tour training rides in before the big day on 8th March – who knows, maybe we’ll see you there!

Cape Town Cycle Tour – Seeded Up and Ready to Roll

After months of anticipation, we have finally received our seeding information through for the Cape Town Cycle Tour next month, and we are delighted that Tandem Riders are no longer separated from the rest of the international groups!

Last year, tandem entries were seeded in groups with other tandem riders, and while there is nothing wrong with that, it is great that we will have the opportunity to ride with our international buddies this year!

If you have been thinking about cycling the Cape Town Cycle Tour all winter, but still haven’t reserved your place, the countdown is officially on!  International Entries for the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2015 close on 20th February, so you cannot afford to leave it any longer if you want to cycle the world’s largest timed cycle race three weeks from today!

Cape Town Cycle Tour

Cape Town Cycle Tour Checklist

Flying your bike down to Cape Town: If you are flying down to Cape Town with your bike in tow, now is definitely the time to service your bike, get your bike box in order, and check the airlines website for the latest packing instructions.  Airlines update their sports equipment allowances and details all the time, so make sure you are up to speed with the latest rules and regulations, or you could end up paying huge excess fees!

Renting a bike in Cape Town: If you are renting a bike in Cape Town for the Cycle Tour, it is strongly recommended that you take your own shoes, clicks, helmet, and if it will fit in your suitcase – your saddle!  It’s a long ride, and it will seem even longer if you are not comfortable.  Most bicycle rental companies will supply you with a helmet (obligatory in South Africa), but they are usually very basic and one-size.  If you haven’t booked a rental bike yet, you need to take your own.  You have zero chance of renting a bike last-minute – so don’t risk it!

Toolkit, Co2 Canisters and Pump: You can purchase all the spares and sports supplements you could possibly need at the Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo, but if you need specific items for your bike, take them with you.

Entry Details: Finally, don’t forget to take your entry details and passport to registration.  If you do not register and collect your race pack, you will not be able to participate.  If you are cycling the Cape Town Cycle Tour for the first time in 2015, remember that you will get your RaceTec Chip and goodie bag with water bottle etc. when you pick up your Race Pack.

Finally, enjoy the ride!

Countdown to Cape Town – Just 30 Days to go until the Cycle Tour 2015!

With just 30 days to go until the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2015 gets underway, we simply cannot wait to make our way down to the Mother City for this spectacular one-day event!

To train for the cycle tour and acclimatize to the gorgeous Cape Town weather after months of sleet, rain and snow, we are flying down to South Africa a whole 10 days before the race, which means we are outta here in just 3 weeks!

Last minute entries Cape Town Cycle Tour 2015

Numerous famous people have taken part in the Cape Town Cycle Tour (previously the Cape Argus) over the years, such as Lance Armstrong, Richard Branson and Matt Damon, and this year will be no exception!  The event organisers revealed last week that our very own Mark Cavendish and Australian racing cyclist Mark Renshaw will be participating this year, so if you are heading for a record time, you could end up sharing Suikerbossie with a pro!

Tour de France Champ Jan Ullrich cycled the Cape Argus last year, and while we didn’t get to see him during the cycle tour (way too fast for us!), we did get to meet him the following day on top of Lion’s Head Mountain – so remember to keep your eyes open when you are out and about in Cape Town – it’s a real hot spot for celebs, with the likes of Charlize Theron and Leonardo DiCaprio frequently spotted in the über cool Camps Bay!

Jan Ullrich in Cape TownWith just 30 days to go between now and Sunday 8th March 2015, it’s time to step up the spinning bike regime, throw out those last remaining chocolates from Christmas, and get in shape for the world’s largest timed cycle race – Cape Town Cycle Tour, here we come!

Zambezi Cycle Challenge – A New Off-Road Adventure for Mountain Bike Fans

There are some fantastic cycling events around the world, the Cape Town Cycle Tour and the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge but to name a few, but there is a new off-road adventure for those who like to get down and dirty on their mountain bikes – the Zambezi Cycle Challenge.

Want to Rent a Bike in Cape Town for the Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2014? Now is the time to book!

A fantastic 3-day event that will take you through Zambezi National Park, along the Zambezi River and across Victoria Falls, the Zambezi Cycle Challenges promises endless wildlife sightings, long winding trails, and the most spectacular scenery that Zambia and Zimbabwe has to offer.

Described as “not for the fainthearted”, this mountain bike challenge is definitely not for sissies, and you should be prepared to cover between 48km and 70km per day as you cycle along the edges of gorges, along rivers, and through canyons.

That said, if you are a mountain bike or off-road enthusiast, the Zambezi Cycle Challenge will tick all the right boxes, with extreme adventure guaranteed!

The thing I like most about this particular cycle challenge, is that the main objective is to raise funds for local charities. Main beneficiaries include Children in the Wilderness, a non-profit organisation that supports children living in rural areas of Southern Africa.  And the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust, on organisation committed to the conservation, research, rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife and natural resources in the region.

What better way to spend your 2015 holiday than cycling the Zambezi for a good cause! The event will take place from Friday 3rd July to Sunday 5th July 2015.

Three different packages are available for the Zambezi Cycle Challenge, and with prices starting at just $325 per person, everyone can afford to join this inaugural event!

Read more on the official website:


The Cape Town Cycle Tour Magazine – Digital Version Available for International Cyclists

If you have entered the Cape Town Cycle Tour and you are lucky enough to live in South Africa, you will have already received your copy of the official event warm-up magazine, but the rest of us have had to wait – until now!

A digital version of the Cape Town Cycle Tour Magazine has now been released for international entrants and cyclists to view online, and it is packed with interesting articles, useful tips, and essential cycle tour information that will help you get the most out of your trip to Cape Town.

Cape Town Cycle Tour Digital Magazine

Image: Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust

To view a copy of this fantastic magazine, simply visit the Cape Town Cycle Tour Website: and don’t forget to follow their Facebook page for the latest news and info!