Cape Town Cycle Tour: 2018 Race Date Revealed

If you were one of the thousands of international cyclists who travelled to South Africa for the iconic Cape Town ‘Argus’ Cycle Tour this month, then like us, you will be pleased to know that the race date has been revealed for next year, and we’ll all have the opportunity to ‘try again’ on 11th March 2018!

The fact that the world’s most beautiful timed cycle race was cancelled this year came as a great disappointment to everyone involved, but you only have to look at the video images of the start line to see that the organisers made the right call.  With winds in excess of 100km per hour, wildfires in Hout Bay, and protests (unrelated to the cycle tour) along the route, it simply wasn’t safe for the tour to continue.

As the Equatours group were all dressed up and ready to go on race day, some of us decided to cycle from our hotel in Seapoint to Chapman’s Peak, but the winds made it impossible to get any further than Suikerbossie, and so we pulled over at one of the many bars that had prepared for the big day, and enjoyed coffee, music, and the atmosphere, which was surprisingly jovial, even though our beloved tour had been cancelled.

We, like many international entrants, will be back for the 40th Edition of the Cape Town Cycle Tour in 2018, but in the meantime, here are some images of the race day that never was… and our After Party that most definitely ‘was’!!


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