Cape Town Cycle Tour 2017: 100 Days to Go!

Cape Town Cycle Tour 2017 Entries

A huge thank you to the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust for releasing the above image on their Facebook Page today! It’s lifted our spirits immensely here in the northern hemisphere, where the weather is bright, sunny, but freezing cold, and definitely not fit for cycling!

Now that the countdown is officially on, those of you who haven’t booked your spot on the world’s largest timed cycle race really need to get a move on!  There are still entries available for internationals, and there are still charity entries available for local SA entrants who want to ride for a good cause, but Cape Town is filling up fast, and many hotels are already fully booked for the cycle tour weekend.

If you are going to participate in the Cape Town Cycle Tour for the first time in 2017, you are in for a real treat! The world’s most beautiful bike ride (previously called the Cape Argus), will celebrate its 40th Birthday in 2017, and we’re pretty sure that the event organisers will go the extra mile next spring to make this tour their best yet!

While most of the premier seeding events have already taken place this year, there is still one left for local riders, with the fabulous 97km Stellenbosch Cycle Tour set to take place this Sunday, 4th December 2016. Although if you are an international entrant like us, you’ve probably packed your bike away for winter, and are working on your mileage down at the local gym!

The good news is, spring will be here before we know it, and Internationals riders who do not qualify for better seeding, are seeded across four groups 4H, 5B, 5D, and 5F, with start times ranging from 07:58 to 08:22. With a nice early start, you get to avoid the blistering midday temperatures in Cape Town at that time of the year, and even if you take your time, you’ll be at the finish line entertainment area by early afternoon!

With Christmas and New Year to keep us occupied for the next few weeks, the 12th March will be here in no time at all, and while many of us will not be in peak condition after winter hibernation here in Europe, the fabulous scenery, fabulous spectators, and fabulous weather will give us the inspiration we need to ride the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2017 in style… 100 days to go!





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