17 Reason’s Why You Should Cycle the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2017

With a mere 227 days to go until the World’s Largest Timed Cycle Race the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2017 gets underway, now is most definitely the time to start planning your trip to South Africa’s Mother City for what is, undoubtedly, the most beautiful one-day cycling event in world.

Cape Town Cycle Tour 2017

An iconic cycle tour (previously called the Cape Argus) that attracts some 35,000 hobby and professional cyclists each year, the Cape Town Cycle Tour is one of those events that just keeps on drawing you back year after year, and if you haven’t crossed it off your Bucket List yet, here are 17 reasons why you should cycle South Africa’s best-loved cycle tour in March 2017…

  1. It’s Affordable: Unlike many European Events, the Cape Town Cycle Tour cost less than £50 to enter in 2016 (international entries), and when you combine that with cheap airfares, great hotel prices, and a strong Pound GBP / ZAR exchange rate, this is a one-day event that everyone can afford.
  2. It’s Brilliantly Organised: If you’ve never been to South Africa, you may wonder what you are letting yourself in for, but let me assure you, the Cape Town Cycle Tour is one of the best organised international cycling events in the world…period!
  3. It’s Beautiful: Just imagine cycling along the most beautiful coastline in the world, and you’re pretty much there!
  4. It’s Fun: The South African Crowds make this event truly spectacular! Expect loud music, beer, dancing, cheering, and some hysterical comments along the way.
  5. It’s Challenging: At 109km, the Cape Argus is not the longest ride in the world, but there are a few hills along the way that will get your heart pumping!
  6. It’s for Everyone: Well, almost! Anyone over the age of 13 can participate, so it’s a great event for the whole family.
  7. It Attracts Movie Stars and Sports Pros: Matt Damon and Lance Armstrong have cycled the tour, so who knows who you could be lined up to next spring!
  8. It’s Got a Great EXPO: If you love to shop all things cycling you will love the Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo, where you can buy everything from energy bars to a brand new Pinarello! There are loads of giveaways too (for those who love freebies, like me!).
  9. It’s Only 109km: You’ll be done before you know it, so remember to pause for a moment and enjoy every minute.
  10. It’s Cool: Watch your cycling buddies turn green when you tell them that you are cycling the Argus in 2017.
  11. It Attracts People from All Over the World: So there’s a great chance you will meet new friends along the way.
  12. It’s Suitable for Singles: Single Traveller? No worries! Join an escorted group tour and cycle with likeminded people from across the globe.
  13. It’s Limited: The Cape Town Cycle Tour is limited to just 35,000 people, and entries sell out fast. You could wait and take your chances in the Ballot Entry in September, but if you really want to participate, secure your entry with one of the few travel companies that have Guaranteed Entries.
  14. It Only Happens Once Per Year: So why wait until 2018?
  15. It’s in Cape Town: Which is quite possibly the most beautiful city in Africa, or in my humble opinion, the world.
  16. It Takes Place in Summer: During the month of March you can expect daily temperatures of around 30° degrees in Cape Town – not bad for a spring break!
  17. Why Not? After all the above, can you think of any reason why you should not be cycling the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2017? No? Us either – see you at the Start Line!



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