Cape Town Cycle Tour: Is Chapman’s Peak Really That Bad?


At 109km, the Cape Town Cycle Tour is not the most challenging bicycle ride in the world, but there are a few climbs along the way that bring many cyclists out of their saddle and on to the walk of shame!

The first climb of the day is Wynberg Hill, also referred to as ‘Whine Berg Hill’, which takes many Cape Argus newbies by surprise. A challenging climb, it’s quite long and it’s perhaps the steepest part of the route, and so if you are thinking about pushing it in the first 20kms, this little devil may just slow you down!

After Wynberg, it’s pretty much plain sailing until you get around the coast to Simon’s Town and your next upward challenge to Smitswinkle Bay. Short and sweet, Smitswinkle is not really anything to worry about, but it is quite narrow and can get crowded later in day.  As always, keep left and let the superheroes pass you in style!

Cape Town Cycle Tour: Is Chapman’s Peak Really That Bad?

You’ll enjoy a fabulous long downhill after Smitswinkle, and from there, the Cape Town Cycle Tour is relatively flat until you reach your next nemesis, Chapman’s Peak! The most feared climb on the mountain, Chappie’s, as it is fondly referred to by the locals, is a long winding +/- 9km climb that will test every muscle in your body after around 90km!  But to be honest, it’s really not as bad as it looks!  It’s long, yes, but it’s not terribly steep, and once you have made it to the top, you have another glorious downhill run to Hout Bay.

There are lots of walkers on Chappies, so if you really can’t carry on, don’t worry , you won’t be the only one! But if you start in a low gear and take it easy, you’ll be at the top before you know it – just don’t forget to smile for the photographers, who you can’t miss, they lie in the middle of the road!!

Cape Town Cycle Tour: Is Chapman’s Peak Really That Bad?

Sadly, if you think you’ve made it after Chapman’s Peak… think again! You’ve still got Suikerboisse to come, and that is a whole different story!

Join us on our Cape Town Cycle Tour journey in 2017 – International Entries Guaranteed!



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