Strong GBP/ZAR Exchange Rate + Cheap Flights = Perfect Time to Book the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2017

Well, what a week it has been here in the UK! The surprise outcome of the Brexit Referendum has left many of us in shock, and while the typical British attitude is to “Keep Calm and Carry On” the huge downfall of the Pound GBP is likely to have a big affect on the way we travel during the next two years of uncertainty.

Cape Town Cycle Tour 2017

Slumping to its lowest level in over 30 years against some currencies such as the US Dollar, the good old British Pound has certainly taken a battering over the past few days, but there is a small glimmer of hope for travellers who intend to visit South Africa in the coming weeks and months, with the GBP / South African Rand (ZAR) exchange rate holding at a rather impressive 20.6 ZAR to the Pound.

If you are thinking about heading to South Africa for the iconic Cape Town Cycle Tour in March 2017, now is most definitely the time to secure your travel arrangements and make the most of the current exchange rate.  With bargain flight deals from the likes of British Airways, South African Airways, and Emirates, and a fabulous choice of accommodations to suit every budget, your cycling trip to the Mother City could cost you less than a week in a European resort!

We may have 258 days to go until the cycle tour next year, but many of Cape Town’s leading bicycle rental companies have already sold out for next years’ event, and if you are looking for a guaranteed international entry into the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2017, you should book your place now if you are to avoid the ballot or ‘lottery’ entry system that saw over 20,000 disappointed cyclists in 2016.

Whether are looking to cycle the Garden Route from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town in the week leading up to the event, or simply a short and sporty break in South Africa’s cosmopolitan hub over race weekend, now is the time to put your GBP to good work.

After all, when BoJo comes along, it’s likely to weaken even further… 😉



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