Cape Town Cycle Tour: Route Map 2016

The brand new location for the Cape Town Cycle Tour EXPO has been announced, the seeding times have been revealed, the 2016 Route Map has finally been released, and with just 22 days to go, ‘Argus’ fever is definitely starting to make its way across the globe as thousands of cyclists begin to make their way to Cape Town for the world’s largest (and most beautiful) timed cycling event!

The Cape Town Cycle Tour is set to take place on Sunday 6th March 2016, and after the disappointment of last year, when the route was sadly shortened due to the devastating fires that ravaged the Cape Peninsula, we are very much looking forward to cycling the full ‘Argus’ route in all its glory this year.

With a whopping 109km to cycle in just 7 hours (if you finish after then, you will still get your medal, but your race time will not be recorded), the iconic Cape Town Cycle Tour does require a certain level of physical fitness, but as your legs begin to tire, the crowds become even more encouraging, and if you find the 30°C temps a little too hot, there’s always someone to hose you down, quite literally with their hose pipe!

While it’s a tad too early to predict the weather conditions for race day, current forecasts for 6th March are Mostly Sunny with 26°C and winds of up to 33km, which may sound a lot, but after the 88km Cape Doctor winds of 2014 – this is merely a breeze!

If you are as excited as we are about cycling the Cape Town Cycle Tour again in 2016, here is the route map for you to study… and if it’s your first time, the only bits you need to look at are Chapman’s Peak and Suikerbossie!CTCT-Full-route-map-2016Image Courtesy of the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust



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