Top 3 International Cycling Sportives for 2016

While the weather is still rather mild in the Northern Hemisphere, it won’t be long before we have to pack our bicycles away for winter, and if you are dreading the next 3-4 months on an exercise bike, why not book yourself a spot on one of our Top 3 International Cycling Sportives for 2016, and give yourself something to look forward to!

Top 3 International Cycling Sportives 2016There are some fantastic one-day cycling events across the globe, and whether your decide to tackle the world’s largest timed cycle race in South Africa, join the world’s largest recreational ride in Sweden, or Australia’s largest one day bike ride, you can combine the event with a fantastic holiday that the whole family will love.

Cape Town Cycle Tour, South Africa: 6th March 2016

The Cape Town Cycle Tour (previously the Cape Argus) is an iconic one-day, 109km cycling event that attracts over 35,000 cyclists from across the world.  Celebrating its 38th year in 2016, the world’s largest timed cycling event will take place on Sunday 6th March, and if your idea of the perfect cycling holiday includes cycling amongst spectacular scenery in 30° degrees C, this is definitely the race for you.

Brilliantly organised by the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust and the Pedal Power Association, the Cape Town Cycle Tour is suitable for both professionals and hobby cyclists, and despite attracting a huge amount of people, it never feels overcrowded or ‘packed in’. We’ll be cycling for the 4th year running in 2016, and we can’t wait!

Vätternrundan, Motala Sweden: 17th & 18th June 2016

The Vätternrundan is a fantastic cycling event centred around the beautiful Lake Vättern in Motala, Sweden.  Described as the “largest recreation bicycle ride in the world”, the Vätternrundan offers multiple events including the 300km Swedish Classic, the 150km Halvvättern, the 100km Tjejvättern (women only), and the Minivättern for children.

Taking place in June each year, the Vätternrundan is a one day cycling sportive that the whole family can participate in, and as it is a recreation ride rather than a race, there are no winners and the only person you have to compete against is yourself.

Around the Lake, Melbourne Australia: October 2016 (date TBC)

It may be a long way to go for a bike ride, but Australia’s Around the Lake one day sportive is a fabulous event that raises money for children in need.  Celebrating its 24th year in 2016, the Around the Bay cycle tour is currently the largest bike ride in Australia, and offers multiple routes ranging from 20km to 250km around Melbourne’s iconic bay.

While the date is yet to be confirmed for 2016, the Around the Lake Cycle Tour takes place in October each year, so you have over 11 months to save up for your dream cycling holiday in Australia… it’s time to start fundraising!







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