New Entry Process for Cape Town Cycle Tour 2016

In order to “ensure a more equitable process for all prospective riders”, the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust (CTCTT) has announced that they will be implementing a new ballot style entry process for the 2016 Cycle Tour.

Cape Town Cycle TourAs anyone who follows this iconic event will know, local entries for the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2015 sold out in just 8 hours when entries opened last September, and to prevent the same thing from happening again this year, the event organisers have decided to use an online ballot entry system, similar to those used for other international sporting events such as the New York Marathon and the Prudential RideLondon.

The new entry process applies to all entrants, both national and international, and riders who want to take part in the Cape Town Cycle Tour in 2016, will have to register their interest online between 9th and 25th September this year.

A week later, cyclists will find out if they have managed to secure a place or not.  Those successful will have until 26th October to pay for their entry and guarantee their spot, those unsuccessful will have the option to ride for one of the many charities available, or wait for the substitution process in January 2016.

David Bellairs, Director of the CTCTT said, “We want to avoid thousands of applicants rushing to be first in line as the entry portal opens, and being disappointed when they sell out in a matter of hours.  Our intention is to create a fairer system as it allows for a greater and more inclusive opportunity for securing an entry. Entries will be awarded at random, regardless of whether interest is registered on the first or the last day of the registration period.  We believe the implementation of this new system is the best way forward for the Cape Town Cycle Tour.” has confirmed that the CTCTT has increased the number of riders from 35,000 to 40,000 for 2016, so it looks as though the world’s largest timed cycling event is not going to lose its title anytime soon!





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