Rent a Bike for the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2016


We may have a whopping 281 days to go until the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2016 gets underway, but there is already a high demand for quality road bikes, and so if you are thinking of renting a bike in Cape Town for next years event, now is definitely the time to place your order!

There are several bicycle rental companies in Cape Town, and most of them offer very good bikes, but due to the huge demand over the Argus period, they all have a minimum rental period ranging from 3 and 14 days, and you can expect to pay at least R2.500 – R3.500 to rent a decent road bike over that weekend.

Cape ArgusIt is also possible to rent a tandem bike for the Cape Town Cycle Tour, but they are even more difficult to find than quality road bikes, so advanced booking is essential.  A bicycle made for two will cost you around R1.750 per day to rent, but if you book early, you might be able to get a good offer for 2 or 3 days rental.

Of course, all rental bikes are used and they are probably not up to the same standards as the bike you have at home, so you need to bear that in mind if comfort, timing and speed is important to you. Many cyclists choose to take their own saddle and cleats, which can make a huge difference to your ride, and while the rental companies will provide you with a helmet (it is a legal requirement in South Africa that you wear one), you will probably feel more comfortable wearing your own!

Cape Argus

The best option is always to take your own bike to Cape Town for the cycle tour, but if you are heading off on a safari or travelling along the Garden Route on a self-drive tour, it is not always practical.  So think ahead and start planning now as there will be no bikes left once registration opens in September, and you could end up riding the Argus on a rusty old mountain bike – believe me – been there, done that!









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