Cape Town Cycle Tour 2016 – Will you be cycling on 6th March?

The date for the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2016 has been confirmed by the event organisers as Sunday 6th March, and while it may be a week earlier than usual, it means we have one less week to wait until we head back down to South Africa for the World’s Largest Timed Cycle Race!

A fantastic event that draws over 35,000 cyclists to Cape Town each year, the Cape Town Cycle Tour (previously the Cape Argus), is set to be a huge event again in 2016, and while the #Showyoucaresolidarityride of 2015 is something we will always remember – we cannot wait to cycle the full 109km route next spring.

Cape Town Cycle Tour 2016 International Entries and RegistrationIf you are planning on taking part in the CTCT 2016, and you are thinking about renting a bike in Cape Town for the event – now is the time to book. I know that sounds crazy, but by the time registration opens in September, all decent road bikes will have been rented out – and you’ll be left with rusty old buckets at unreasonable prices!

If your bike and race time is important to you, it is always recommended that you take your own bike down to Cape Town for the event.  Many airlines allow you to transport your bike as part of your luggage allowance, so if you have a super-duper lightweight bike and you can pack light – it won’t cost you a penny.  Other airlines charge a fixed fee to transport your bike, which ranges from £110 – £180 depending on the airline you choose.  Either way – it works out cheaper than renting a bike – so bear that in mind!

Once you have arrived in Cape Town, you will probably want to build your bike and get some kilometres in after a long cold winter overseas, so book yourself on one or two cycle training tours and get the feel for the toasty temperatures and beautiful coastline that awaits you!

The Cape Town Cycle Tour 2016 is set to be the biggest and best yet, so don’t delay, reserve your spot today!



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