Cape Town Cycle Tour 2015 – Last Chance to Enter!

Calling all international cyclists! Today is your last chance to enter the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2015, so if you are still dragging your feet, it’s time to pull up those Lycra shorts, dig out your favourite cycle jersey, and head on down to Cape Town to cycle the world’s largest and most beautiful cycle tour!

Cape Town Cycle Tour 2016 International Entries

International entries are set to close today, 20th February, so if you haven’t secured your spot yet, there is no time to delay.  Once entries are closed, they are closed until next September, so you will have to put your dream on hold for another year and cycle the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2016 if you’re not fast.

If you are worried about flights, accommodations and transporting your trusty steed to Cape Town for the cycle tour, worry not.  There are still plenty of flight seats available for international cyclists, you could grab a last-minute bargain in one of Cape Town’s numerous hotels, and if you can pack light, you can transport your bike as part of your luggage allowance = free!

Cape Town is bathing in temperatures of around 25° degrees at the moment, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and Cape ‘Argus’ mania is about to hit town – so do you really want to miss out?!

This time next week we will be on the plane to sunny South Africa to get some pre cycle tour training rides in before the big day on 8th March – who knows, maybe we’ll see you there!


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