Cape Town Cycle Tour – Seeded Up and Ready to Roll

After months of anticipation, we have finally received our seeding information through for the Cape Town Cycle Tour next month, and we are delighted that Tandem Riders are no longer separated from the rest of the international groups!

Last year, tandem entries were seeded in groups with other tandem riders, and while there is nothing wrong with that, it is great that we will have the opportunity to ride with our international buddies this year!

If you have been thinking about cycling the Cape Town Cycle Tour all winter, but still haven’t reserved your place, the countdown is officially on!  International Entries for the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2015 close on 20th February, so you cannot afford to leave it any longer if you want to cycle the world’s largest timed cycle race three weeks from today!

Cape Town Cycle Tour

Cape Town Cycle Tour Checklist

Flying your bike down to Cape Town: If you are flying down to Cape Town with your bike in tow, now is definitely the time to service your bike, get your bike box in order, and check the airlines website for the latest packing instructions.  Airlines update their sports equipment allowances and details all the time, so make sure you are up to speed with the latest rules and regulations, or you could end up paying huge excess fees!

Renting a bike in Cape Town: If you are renting a bike in Cape Town for the Cycle Tour, it is strongly recommended that you take your own shoes, clicks, helmet, and if it will fit in your suitcase – your saddle!  It’s a long ride, and it will seem even longer if you are not comfortable.  Most bicycle rental companies will supply you with a helmet (obligatory in South Africa), but they are usually very basic and one-size.  If you haven’t booked a rental bike yet, you need to take your own.  You have zero chance of renting a bike last-minute – so don’t risk it!

Toolkit, Co2 Canisters and Pump: You can purchase all the spares and sports supplements you could possibly need at the Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo, but if you need specific items for your bike, take them with you.

Entry Details: Finally, don’t forget to take your entry details and passport to registration.  If you do not register and collect your race pack, you will not be able to participate.  If you are cycling the Cape Town Cycle Tour for the first time in 2015, remember that you will get your RaceTec Chip and goodie bag with water bottle etc. when you pick up your Race Pack.

Finally, enjoy the ride!


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