Zambezi Cycle Challenge – A New Off-Road Adventure for Mountain Bike Fans

There are some fantastic cycling events around the world, the Cape Town Cycle Tour and the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge but to name a few, but there is a new off-road adventure for those who like to get down and dirty on their mountain bikes – the Zambezi Cycle Challenge.

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A fantastic 3-day event that will take you through Zambezi National Park, along the Zambezi River and across Victoria Falls, the Zambezi Cycle Challenges promises endless wildlife sightings, long winding trails, and the most spectacular scenery that Zambia and Zimbabwe has to offer.

Described as “not for the fainthearted”, this mountain bike challenge is definitely not for sissies, and you should be prepared to cover between 48km and 70km per day as you cycle along the edges of gorges, along rivers, and through canyons.

That said, if you are a mountain bike or off-road enthusiast, the Zambezi Cycle Challenge will tick all the right boxes, with extreme adventure guaranteed!

The thing I like most about this particular cycle challenge, is that the main objective is to raise funds for local charities. Main beneficiaries include Children in the Wilderness, a non-profit organisation that supports children living in rural areas of Southern Africa.  And the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust, on organisation committed to the conservation, research, rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife and natural resources in the region.

What better way to spend your 2015 holiday than cycling the Zambezi for a good cause! The event will take place from Friday 3rd July to Sunday 5th July 2015.

Three different packages are available for the Zambezi Cycle Challenge, and with prices starting at just $325 per person, everyone can afford to join this inaugural event!

Read more on the official website:



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