Cape Town Cycle Tour – Bike Sweep

If you are cycling the Cape Town Cycle Tour (previously the Cape Argus) for the first time in March 2015, you are probably thinking, “What happens if I cannot finish?”  I know I did, but if you love to cycle and you have a relatively good level of fitness, there is no reason why you shouldn’t make it to the finish line.

International Entries Cape Town Cycle Tour 2015

International cyclist often suffer with the heat (you can expect around 30°degrees on race day) and the Cape Doctor winds (85km per hour last March), but providing you slather on the sunscreen, expect the unexpected, and worry more about enjoying the atmosphere than having a good finishing time, you will succeed!

If all else fails and you simply cannot continue, the official Bike Sweep team will collect you and your bike from one of the refreshment stations on route. Here’s how it works…

Cape Town Cycle Tour Mini Sweep: There is a collection point at every refreshment station along the 109km route, so if you feel you cannot continue, simply pull over into the next station, enjoy a drink and banana, have a boogie with the fantastic South African crowds (good chance you will get a beer!), and wait for the mini sweep vehicle to pick you up.

Cape Town Cycle Tour Mega Sweep: The Mini Sweep vehicle will take you to the nearest Mega Sweep Station, where a larger vehicle, equipped with a trailer for your bikes, will transport you to the finish line.

From here, you can cycle back to your hotel (if you can manage it), or ask one of the local taxi drivers to give you a lift – they are very accommodating, and most drivers have no problem storing your bike on the back seat!

Alternatively, you could just chain your bike to a tree and join in the one of the many parties that line the Cape Town Cycle Tour route – now that will be a cycle tour to remember!


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