Are you taking Your Bike to Cape Town for the Cycle Tour next March?

If you are one of the many international cyclists heading to South Africa for the Cape Town Cycle Tour next March, packing your bike for the flight is probably one of your main concerns, especially if you will be riding a Cervélo or Pinarello, but things can still go wrong, and if they do, you might need the help of John O’Connor…

Cape Town is full of bicycle service and repair shops, but when I tried to find one for a guest last year who was having trouble with the electronic shifting on his Cervélo, many shops were fully booked, and the others could not help with such a bike.

Best Bicycle Repair Shop in Cape Town

However, in true Capetonian style, those that could not help us were more than willing to recommend other bicycle repair companies in Cape Town, and the brilliant John O’Connor Cycles in Mouille Point came to our rescue.

Owned and managed by John O’Connor, a competitive cyclist for over 20 years, John O’Connor Cycles is situated on the Atlantic Seaboard, a short hop from any hotel in the city. Up-to-date on the latest technology and developments in cycling, the team at John O’Connor’s can deal with virtually any bicycle, and they have all the accessories you could possibly need for race day.

Helmets, gloves, cycling gear, accessories, components and nutrition supplements are all available at the shop, and if you fancy treating yourself to a new set of wheels, you can order the latest Pinarello or Cannondale in store!

John O’Connor fixed our guest bike in no time, and as a result, he was able to complete the Cape Town Cycle Tour on his rather spectacular Cervélo!

Check out the website for contact details:




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