Transporting Your Bike to Cape Town for the Cape Argus 2015

If you intend to take part in the Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2015, but are worried about transporting your bicycle – worry not!

All airlines allow you to transport your bike, one way or another, and while some of them are quite costly, others will transport your bicycle free of charge – so if you haven’t booked your flight tickets yet, you might want to book with these airlines:

Virgin Atlantic

The most generous airline of all, Virgin Atlantic will transport your non-motorised bicycle to Cape Town free of charge, as long as it doesn’t weigh more than 23kg.  This is in addition to your hand luggage and checked baggage allowance (23kg in economy)!  So if you are flying from London, Virgin should be your first choice.

British Airways

BA treats your bicycle as part of your luggage allowance, so if your bicycle and suitcase combined do not weigh more than 23kg (economy allowance), then your bike travels free of charge.  British Airways have one of the most generous hand luggage allowances (you cabin bag can weigh up to 23kg, but there are size restrictions and you must be able to lift it into the overhead compartment) and you can also take a handbag or laptop case – so pack wisely, and you won’t have to pay a penny.

If you do decide to ship your bike separately, BA will charge you around £120 to transport your bike to and from the UK.

Emirates & Qatar

Both Emirates and Qatar Airways allow you to transport your bicycle as part of your luggage allowance, and as your luggage allowance from London to Cape Town is 30kg, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to transport your bike for free (just take a few pairs of shoes out of your case!).

Airlines to avoid…

While there is nothing wrong with these airlines, you will end up paying more to transport your bike to Cape Town for the Cape Argus 2015.


KLM currently charge a fixed fee of €100 each way to transport your bike from London to Cape Town.

South African Airways

So many South African’s travel to Cape Town for the Cape Argus, that South African Airways has strict (and complicated) rules in place over the Argus period.  The chances of your bike arriving in Cape Town on the same flight as you are not very high, and they currently charge a fee of R285 per sector of your flight.

Please note: all of the above information is according to the current baggage rules and regulations of each airline and subject to change at any time, so please check with the airline before booking your ticket.





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