Cape Argus 2015 Cape Town – What to Wear

In keeping with the laid-back and easygoing atmosphere of Cape Town, the ‘dress code’ for the Cape Argus Cycle Tour is pretty relaxed, with the only compulsory item being a bicycle helmet that complies with ANSI Z90/4 or SNELL standards.

Cycling shoes or trainers, shorts and t-shirts are recommended by the event organisers “for your safety and convenience”, but you can wear whatever you like – and that includes fancy dress!

Cape Argus Bike Tour

We have seen Smurfs, Ladybirds, patriotic Brits wrapped up in Union Jack Flags and plenty of men in dresses during our Cape Argus adventures, and if you are riding the Cape Argus Cycle Tour for charity in 2015, you can really go to town on an elaborate outfit that will get you and your charity noticed.

Your costume must be “appropriate” however, as the Cape Argus is a family event, and you must consider rider safety when dressing up to make sure you don’t cause any pileups!

Most people participating in the Cape Argus wear regular cycling gear, and while the thought of pulling on skin-tight Lycra shorts and jerseys after a long winter in the northern hemisphere is somewhat daunting, it will make for a much more comfortable ride!

Here’s what we recommend you wear on Race Day:

Bicycle Helmet – You are going to be wearing it for 3-7 hours (depending how good you are!), so make sure it fits well and you feel comfortable.  You can buy the latest styles and models at the Cape Argus Expo.

Sunglasses – An essential piece of equipment for race day, wrap-around sunglasses will protect against the sun’s intense rays and keep wind and road debris out of your eyes.

Cycle Jersey – A quality cycle jersey will keep you cool, and they generally have plenty of pockets along the back for your energy bars, spare CO2 canisters, and anything else you need to carry.

Cycling Shorts – I did my first ever Cape Argus in regular (un-padded) Nike shorts – BIG mistake! Invest in the most comfortable cycling shorts you can find!

Shoes / Trainers – If you use ‘clicks’ – you will probably have a good pair of cycling shoes.  If not, trainers are perfect for the event.

Cycling Gloves – these are optional, but with temperatures reaching 30° degrees in Cape Town over the Cape Argus period, they might give you a firmer grip on your handlebars.

A Smile – this is not optional, and I guarantee you will have one on your face when you cross the finish line!




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