Cape Argus Cycle Tour – Voted One of the Top 5 Overseas Sportives for Cycling Fans

Anyone who follows our blog will know that we are huge fans of the Cape Argus Cycle Tour, and if the latest report by Cyclosport (the world’s leading cyclosportive website) is anything to go by, it looks like we are not the only ones!

Cape Argus Radrennen Kapstadt

Featuring our fantastic Cape Argus Cycle Tour Packages and highlighting the race as one of the Top 5 Overseas Sportives for 2015, Cyclosport listed the Cape Argus in South Africa along with the ‘Le Marmotte’ in France, the Mallorca 312 in Spain, the Maratona dles Dolomites in Italy and the L’Etape du Tour in France.

Here is what they had to say, along with an insert of a blog post written by a Cape Argus Cycle Tour rider:

This iconic event – the largest timed cycling event in the world – will take place for the 38th time on Sunday 8th March 2015. The Cycle Tour has grown from humble beginnings, attracting a few hundred participants in 1978, into the iconic international event it is today.

“There is a very simple reason why 35,000 cyclists travel from all around the world to South Africa and get up at ridiculous hours of the morning to ride the Cape Argus. It is quite simply the best single day sportive on the planet. What makes it so very special is without doubt the scenery; it is breathtaking. From the fast descent down and through Misty Cliffs with its cool onshore breeze, to the climb over the tremendously beautiful Chapman’s Peak; the sights, sounds and smells of the Cape will simply overload your senses.”

“The crowds line the route offering their shouts of encouragement whilst at the same time tormenting your nostrils with their roadside ‘braais’. At every feed station there are huge sound systems that blast out music to help you keep the pedals turning.” – Richard Gorman

So there you have it, the Cape Argus Cycle Tour really is one of the best one-day cycling events in the world – so reserve your spot now!


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