Chapman’s Peak or Suikerbossie – Which Part do you dread most on the Cape Argus Cycle Tour?

In just 30-days time the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour 2014 will get underway, and if you are one of the +/- 35,000 cyclists taking part in the event, I am sure you are every bit as excited as we are!

A brilliantly organised event along one of the most breathtaking stretches of coastline in the world, the Cape Argus Cycle Tour is a ‘must’ for anyone who loves to combine sport with travel, and if you haven’t booked your place yet (international entrants), you have just days to secure your spot on the world’s largest timed cycle race.

Anyone who has cycled the Cape Argus before, will know that the route is relatively flat (ish!), but it does there are a few famous peaks along the way that have claimed many a good cyclist over the years, and they go by the name of Chapman’s Peak and Suikerbossie.

Chapman’s Peak is one of the most iconic parts of the Cape Argus route, and as such, most people tend to train for it.  It’s long, it’s steep, and after +/- 80km, it is a real killer on the legs, but when you know the route, you know it’s coming, and the only thing to do is… KEEP GOING!

However, the pain doesn’t end after Chappies – Suikerbossie Hill is waiting for you!

Suikerbossie is a relatively short but rather steep incline that leads you out of Hout Bay and towards the home run. While not as long as Chapman’s Peak, your legs are like jelly at this stage (well, mine are anyway!), and it seems to go on forever, but thankfully, the crowds on this part of the route are even more energetic, and some of them will even give you a push if you ask nicely!

Once you reach the top of Suikerbossie, it really is plain sailing all the way to finish line, and while I dread the thought of both of these peaks on March 9th, I know that the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour 2014 just wouldn’t be the same without them!

The 2014 Cape Argus Route Map courtesy of the Cape Argus Cycle Trust and Map Studio: 


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