Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2014 – Here are the 2013 Results, which one are you going to Beat?

With just over 8-weeks to go until the Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2014, those of us who have been putting off training until the ‘last minute’, really need to dust of those Lycra numbers and make our way to the local Spinning class!

Anyone following our blog will know that Mr. K and I will be cycling the Cape Argus 2014 on a bicycle made for two, and while I feel slightly more confident that I will be sharing the route with my biking buddy, I am still not sure we will get anywhere near the records set in 2013…

Here are the Cape Argus 2013 results, which one are you going to beat?

Overall Winner                  Herman Fouche                                       Time: 2:39:53

Ladies Winner                   Anriette Schoeman                                  Time: 2:52:53

Tandem                             Andrew Mclean & Issy Zimmerman        Time: 2:53:58

Blind Tandem                    Hein Wagner & Alwyn de Kock               Time: 3:25:45

Mixed Tandem                   Adolph Krige & Felicia Kluever               Time: 2:59:44

Female Tandem                Marianne & Aimee Unger                          Time: 3:45:53

Hand Cycle                        Ernst van Dyk                                              Time: 3:28:37

Oldest Man                        Walter Hein (89 years old!)                        Time: 5:30:47

Oldest Woman                  Maisie Swoboda (76 years old!)               Time: 5:20:56

Not sure I’ll be gaining any titles this year, but hey, it’s a lot of fun trying!

See you on March 9th!


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