Get on Your Bike and Train for the Cape Argus 2014 with Cycling Pro Christiaan Kriek

With just 12 weeks to go until the world’s largest timed cycle race ‘The Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour 2014’ gets underway, it is time to think about training.

I say ‘think about training’ as there isn’t much point in starting before the food fest of Christmas, but come January, we will be donning our Lycra shorts and heading down to the local gym for some serious Spinning classes!

Of course, there is no better place to train for the Cape Argus than in Cape Town itself, and with one of South Africa’s professional cyclists Christiaan Kriek offering a week-long Argus Training Programme in the run up to the event, there is a solution for international cyclists.

Christiaan Kriek

Cycling since the age of 12, Christiaan Kriek has won numerous cycle races over the years both at home in South Africa and on the international racing scene, in a cycling career that allowed him to travel the world.

After a two-season stint with professional cycling team Jelly Belly in the United States, Christiaan decided to return home to South Africa, and we are delighted to see that he will be helping us ‘lesser mortals’ get in shape for the 9th March with his Cape Argus Training Programme.

We’ve got all the details and info – so get in touch and join us as we Cycle the Cape with a Cycling Pro!


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