Cape Argus 2014 Training Programme – Day 1

If you have decided to take the plunge and join our Cape Argus 2014 Training Programme, here is an overview of what you can expect on Day 1:

Monday – 3 March 2014 – Cape Peninsula (70km) Road Bike 

Today you will get the opportunity to ride the last 50km of the Cape Argus Cycle Tour accompanied by a professional cyclist as your guide.

The route will include the long climb of Chapman’s Peak mountain pass, followed by the twisty descent into Hout Bay, where you will have a brief moment of respite before tackling the infamous Suikerbossie hill.

Cape Argus Cycle Tour Photos of Suikerbossie

If you have never cycled the Cape Argus Route before, you may think it is all plain sailing after Chapman’s Peak, but Suikerbossie Hill shouldn’t be underestimated, and after cycling almost 100km, this short steep hill is a real killer on the legs!

Cape Argus Route Photos of Suikerbossie

However, the crowd of spectators on this part of the route are exceptionally encouraging, and we can pretty much guarantee you will get at least one bucket of water in your face as you make your way up to the top!

By tackling Suikerbossie on this training tour, you will have no unpleasant surprises on Argus day, and once you have completed this monument in South African cycling, it really is all down hill!

From the top, you will meander along the coast through the beautiful villages of Camps Bay, Clifton, and Sea Point before you finally cross the finish line in front of the Green Point Stadium.

See the Route Map / Join this Tour


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