Want to Rent a Bike in Cape Town for the Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2014? Now is the time to book!

With just 34 days to go until registration opens for the Cape Argus 2014 Cycle Tour, now is the time to start planning if you intend to hire a bicycle in Cape Town for the event.

There are literally hundreds of high quality road bikes available to rent for the Cape Argus at the moment, but if you think you can leave it until later in the year or even next year, think again!  Most bicycle companies have completely sold out by the end of October, and if you want a good quality bike – you need to shop around.

Want to Rent a Bike in Cape Town for the Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2014?  Now is the time to book!

Having been the ‘victim’ of a rather shoddy company last year, I can honestly say that you get what you pay for when it comes to renting a bicycle for the Cape Argus in Cape Town, and unless you want to cycle some 109km on a “perfectly adequate” bike that is neither ‘perfect’ or ‘adequate’ you can expect to pay a substantial amount!

Firstly, most bicycle-rental companies in Cape Town have a minimum rental period of 5-7 days during the Cape Argus period, so if you think you can get a bike just for a day or two you are going to be disappointed. That said, many travellers who decide not to take their own bike to SA take advantage of this and fly to Cape Town a few days earlier for some Cape Argus training around the Western Cape.

We have decided to team up with one of the official suppliers of the Cape Argus Cycle Tour in 2014, who charge a fixed 5-day rental fee of approximately £140, which works out a lot cheaper than flying your bike to Cape Town with an International airline.

Many tours to South Africa for the Cape Argus 2014 do not include bike transportation, but you only have to look at airline excess baggage and sports luggage fees to see that you could pay up to £400 to take your bike from home.

Of course, a rental bike will never be the same as riding on your own bike, so there is a lot to think about these next 34 days!





23 Comments Add yours

  1. Selwyn Dolgoy says:

    I’d like some information on hiring two road bikes for my wife and myself.

    1. capeargus says:

      Hi Selwyn, I will drop you an email with the details of who to contact in South Africa! Thanks for stopping by our blog 🙂

      1. Iore says:

        Hi Looking for a road biketo rent fir argus cycle tour 2015! Please help me if yu have any tips!
        Thank yu so much

      2. Equatours says:

        Hi Jm, thank you for your message. I’m afraid you have left it too late! All good road bikes were rented out back in September when registration opened… My advice is take your own, at this stage, you will be lucky to get a decent bike in Cape Town.
        You could try emailing all the Cycle Rental Companies (in Google) to see if they have had any cancellations. Sorry 😦

  2. Deborah says:

    Sorry this isn’t really about the Tour, but I will be in Cape Town from 10-19 September and I would love to rent a road bike for a couple of days. Could you please tell me where I could rent a very good quality bike? Thanks!

    1. capeargus says:

      Hi Deborah! Absolutely! I will send you a quick email with the contact details – please look out for an email from info@equatours.co.uk Have fun in beautiful Cape Town! 😉

  3. Duncs says:

    Hi there. I am coming over from the UK to take part in this fantastic looking race and was wondering if you could recommend a decent rental company? Really looking forward to this one 🙂

    1. Duncs says:

      That’s assuming I can get registered for the 2014 race that is 🙂

      1. Equatours says:

        Might be able to help you out with that! – Please look out for an email from wendy@equatours.co.uk and I’ll give you all the info! 🙂

    2. Equatours says:

      Hi Duncs! We most definitely can! I will send you an email with the details. 😉

  4. Virginie says:

    HEllo, I’m also looking to rent 2 bikes for the Cape Argus. Can you please provide me some information as well? Thanks

    1. capeargus says:

      Hi Virginie, thanks for your message. Our supplier has completely sold out, but I have another who may be able to help. I’ll email you the details 🙂

  5. Stefan says:

    Hello, I’m also looking for 3 roadbikes for the Argus tour. Who can help me/us? Many thanks

    1. Equatours says:

      Hi Stefan, I am afraid Cape Town has sold out of road bikes for the Argus! You might be lucky to get one, but three is going to be a real challenge at this stage…
      I can put you in touch with a company that has MTB’s fitted out with road tyres if that would help? All the best, Wendy

      1. Stefan says:

        Dear Wendy, many thanks for your quick reply. I Will try my luck in the cape toen region. If this doesn’t has any result I will contact you by this forum. Regards, stefan

      2. stefan says:

        Dear wendy, A other idea came into my mind. Is it also possible to mount a roadbike handlebar on the mtb?

      3. capeargus says:

        Hi Stefan, I am not sure, but I will email you the details from my contact in South Africa and you can ask them directly! 🙂

  6. Ellen says:

    Dear Wendy, my boyfriend en I would like to participate the cape argus tour in 2015. We are coming over from the Netherlands to take part in the race. I was wondering if you could send me also an email to recommend some decent rental companies for road bikes? Thanks a lot!

    1. Equatours says:

      Hi Ellen, hope Deone managed to sort you out with bikes! They are all gone now 🙂

  7. Cobus Breytenbach says:

    Good day,

    I have some friends from Australia who entered the Cape Argus 2015. Can you please provide with some recommended companies to rent bikes from? Thank a million!

    1. Equatours says:

      Hi Cobus,
      Thank you very much for your message.
      Unfortunately, your friends have left it far too late to rent quality road bikes in Cape Town for the Argus 2015. All the bike rental companies we work with sold out in September. Sorry 😦

  8. Lesley says:

    I am looking to rent a bike for this – can you advise me who to contact? My email is lesley.keddy@gmail.com Thanks

    1. Equatours says:

      Hi Lesley, thank you for your message. I have emailed the details as requested – happy cycling!

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