Cape Argus Cycle Tour is now the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2015

In case you missed the “big announcement”, the Cape Argus Cycle Tour has a new name!  No longer simply the Argus, the Cape Argus or the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Momentum Cycle Tour, the world’s largest timed cycle race is now called the Cape Town Cycle Tour.

Makes sense, I suppose, although I am sure many veterans of the race will struggle to refer to it as anything other than ‘The Argus’, but if it draws more international cyclists to Cape Town for this amazing annual event it will give the local economy a boost – and that’s always a good thing.

Here is what the event organisers had to say on the official Cape Town Cycle Tour Facebook page, along with a copy of the new logo:

“It is with great pleasure that we announce the official renaming of the iconic Cape Argus Pick n Pay Momentum Cycle Tour to the Cape Town Cycle Tour in celebration of the event’s iconic status and increasing global appeal.

Cape Town Cycle Tour

In association with our three co-naming right sponsors, Cape Argus, Pick n Pay and Momentum, we are thrilled to move into the next phase to becoming one of the world’s most desirable participation sporting events.”

If you intend to take part in the Cape Town ‘Argus’ Cycle Tour in March 2015, you will be pleased to know that registration opens at 2pm tomorrow afternoon (Cape Town time), so secure your place, and go down in history as one of the 35,000 cyclists to take part in the first ever Cape Town Cycle Tour!

Image courtesy of the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust

Cape Argus 2015 – Big Announcement Expected Tonight!

If you are waiting to register for the Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2015, then you will already know that the event organisers delayed registration this year until Friday, 26th September, to coincide with a “big announcement”.

Cape Argus 2015 Cycle Packages for International Entrants

As the Cape Argus is a big deal for us here at Equatours (we LOVE it!), we have been following the official Cape Argus Cycle Tour Facebook page with great interest  over the past few days as they count us down to registration – and yesterday they revealed that they would be announcing something ‘big’ today.

As we speak (or I type), both the official cycle tour website and the Cape Argus Facebook page is down, so I’m guessing they are making some changes right now…! Can anyone guess what those changes are going to be?

Well, my guess is that they are going to add more routes, perhaps a shorter version for those who cannot manage the 109km of the original Cape Argus Cycle Tour, and a longer race for professionals and semi-professionals who like to push it to the max, but that’s purely speculation on my part.

Tonight we will know more, but if you hear before I do, give us a shout and let us know!



10 Days & Counting until Cape Argus Registration 2015

It’s the Final Countdown international cyclists, and if you are heading to Cape Town for the Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2015, you only have to wait 10 more days until registration opens.

If you are still undecided about taking part in the Cape Argus 2015, perhaps these Top 10 photo’s from the Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2014 will motivate you to book your spot on the world’s largest timed cycle race…

Cape Argus 2015 Group Tours from UK Germany Austria Canada USA img_2891 img_0074 img_0095 img_0088 img_0115 img_0119 img_0122 img_0106

Cape Argus Cycle Tour Medals 2013 / 2014 – Are you going to get one on March 8th 2015?

In just 25 weeks time, we will be competing in the Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2015, and we simply cannot wait to add yet another Cape Argus medal to our growing collection!

Cape Argus Holidays Cape TownRegistration for the Cape Argus 2015 opens in 12 days time on September 26th, and with all 35,000 places selling out in just 5-days last year, you will need to be quick if you are to secure your place on the world’s largest timed cycle race.

Crossing the Cape Argus finish line is an amazing experience, and if you want to get one of these medals in 2015 – it’s time to book your Cape Argus Tour to Cape Town South Africa!  See you there…


Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2015 – Start Line 101

With just over 2 weeks to go until registration opens for the Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2015, international cyclists from across the world are busy making plans for their trip to Cape Town next March.

Cape Argus 2015

With accommodations to secure, road bikes to rent, and flights to book, there is plenty to do between now and 26th September when registration finally opens, and if you want to be one of the 35,000 or so cyclists that take part in the world’s largest timed cycle tour in 2015 – now is definitely the time to start finalising your arrangements.

Once you have confirmed your spot on the Cape Argus Cycle Tour, the rest is plain sailing.  The event is so well organised that you won’t have to worry about a thing when you arrive in Cape Town, and if you are worried about making your way to the start line – our Start Line 101 should help answer all your questions:

Arrival in Cape Town

The first thing you need to do when you arrive in Cape Town is head to the Cape Argus Lifecycle Expo at the Good Hope Centre to register and collect your race pack.  The Expo runs from Thursday 5th March through to Saturday 7th March, so there is plenty of time to visit, even if you arrive the day before the race.

If you do not collect your race pack, which contains your number and RaceTec chip, you will not be able to enter the Cape Argus, so this is a priority – and great fun too!

Cape Argus Day – Breakfast & Hotel Departure

To date, international cyclists start in early morning groups, departing between 07:30 and 08:00am. Most hotels offer an early morning ‘power’ breakfast, so it’s a good idea to check with the reception the day before to see if they have something planned.

The Cape Argus Start Line is easily accessible from all Cape Town Hotels, even those on the Atlantic Seaboard are just a 10 minute cycle ride, but we recommend you leave the hotel at least an hour before your groups departure time so you have plenty of time to find your group and get in your starting chute.

Cape Argus Start Line – Essential Items

  • Start Card (this will be in your Race Pack)
  • Helmet
  • RaceTec Chip – Worn on your ankle or mounted onto your front axle
  • Official Race Number on your lower back
  • Bike Sticker – Attached to your handlebars

If any of these items are missing, you will not be able to compete – so prepare the night before. If you are missing something, head straight to one of the information tents outside the loading area.

Start Card Rules

You have to show your Start Card at the first checkpoint, but whatever you do, do not hand it over to the Cape Argus crew at this stage.  You need to keep it until you get to the second checkpoint where the Argus crewmember will take your card and ensure you are loaded into the right starting chute.

Follow the guys in front!

Once you re in your starting chute, nothing can go wrong and you cannot possibly get lost. Simply follow the guys in front of you and enjoy the ride!

Transporting Your Bike to Cape Town for the Cape Argus 2015

If you intend to take part in the Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2015, but are worried about transporting your bicycle – worry not!

All airlines allow you to transport your bike, one way or another, and while some of them are quite costly, others will transport your bicycle free of charge – so if you haven’t booked your flight tickets yet, you might want to book with these airlines:

Virgin Atlantic

The most generous airline of all, Virgin Atlantic will transport your non-motorised bicycle to Cape Town free of charge, as long as it doesn’t weigh more than 23kg.  This is in addition to your hand luggage and checked baggage allowance (23kg in economy)!  So if you are flying from London, Virgin should be your first choice.

British Airways

BA treats your bicycle as part of your luggage allowance, so if your bicycle and suitcase combined do not weigh more than 23kg (economy allowance), then your bike travels free of charge.  British Airways have one of the most generous hand luggage allowances (you cabin bag can weigh up to 23kg, but there are size restrictions and you must be able to lift it into the overhead compartment) and you can also take a handbag or laptop case – so pack wisely, and you won’t have to pay a penny.

If you do decide to ship your bike separately, BA will charge you around £120 to transport your bike to and from the UK.

Emirates & Qatar

Both Emirates and Qatar Airways allow you to transport your bicycle as part of your luggage allowance, and as your luggage allowance from London to Cape Town is 30kg, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to transport your bike for free (just take a few pairs of shoes out of your case!).

Airlines to avoid…

While there is nothing wrong with these airlines, you will end up paying more to transport your bike to Cape Town for the Cape Argus 2015.


KLM currently charge a fixed fee of €100 each way to transport your bike from London to Cape Town.

South African Airways

So many South African’s travel to Cape Town for the Cape Argus, that South African Airways has strict (and complicated) rules in place over the Argus period.  The chances of your bike arriving in Cape Town on the same flight as you are not very high, and they currently charge a fee of R285 per sector of your flight.

Please note: all of the above information is according to the current baggage rules and regulations of each airline and subject to change at any time, so please check with the airline before booking your ticket.




Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2015 – Registration Opens on 26th September

Finally, the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust has announced that registration for the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Momentum Cycle Tour 2015 will open on Friday, 26th September 2014 at 1pm.

In previous years, registration for the Cape Argus has always taken place on 1st September, but this year the entries open date has been delayed to coincide with an “important announcement”.

Cape Argus 2015 Cape Town

Like many Argus fans, we are intrigued to find out what this important announcement is going to be, but the event organisers are not giving much away, David Bellairs, a director of the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust said:

 “Traditionally, general public entries for the Cycle Tour have opened on the first day of September. This year, the entries open date has been delayed to coincide with an exciting announcement about the tour. While a few changes will be introduced, they will not impact on the format of the route and our main priority remains to provide the world-class experience that participants and spectators have come to expect.”

The Cape Argus Cycle Tour is set to take place on Sunday, 8th March 2015, and we are in no doubt that, all 35,000 places will sell out quick – so if you haven’t done so already, add September 26th to your diary, and make sure you are online at 1pm Cape Town time!

What do you think this “Important Announcement” is going to be?  Some people have been suggesting that they might bring Boye’s Drive back – let us know what you think!