Cape Town Argus Cycle Tour Registration and EXPO

If you have secured your place on the Cape Town Argus Cycle Tour 2015, the only thing you have to do when you arrive in Cape Town, is head to the Good Hope Centre to collect your race pack and have a smooch around the Cycle Tour Lifecycle Expo.

Registration takes place three days before the big event, the current published opening times are:

  • Thursday, 5 March:  09:30am – 7pm
  • Friday, 6 March:  9am – 7pm
  • Saturday, 7 March:  9am – 4pm

If you are taking part in the Cape Town Cycle Tour, entry to the Expo is free of charge, but if you are with a non-cycling friend or partner, they will have to pay R40 to go in with you.

Registration for the Cape Argus is extremely well organised, and while you can expect to queue to enter the Good Hope Centre, especially if you go on Saturday, the lines move pretty quickly and you’ll have your race pack before you know it.

At the first counter, you need to hand over your passport and race number (you will receive this by email prior to the race).  You will then receive your RaceTec timing chip that will give you a once-off free entry into the Lifecycle Expo.

There is a separate section for International entrants to collect their race packs. This includes your race numbers for your bike, helmet and back of your cycle jersey, and your race card (very important!). You will also receive a Cape Argus Goodie Bag with a water bottle and a range of ‘freebies’ including deodorant (very important too!), energy snacks, and other South African treats.

Once you have your race pack and goodie bag, you can head into the EXPO and treat yourself to a range of cycling equipment such as cycle jersey’s, branded clothing, bikes, cycle shorts and gloves, helmets, energy snacks and supplements, and just about anything else you could possibly need to take part in the world’s largest timed cycle race.  You can even have your legs waxed if that floats your boat!

If you do not collect your race pack and RaceTec timing chip, you will not be able to take part in the Cape Town Argus Cycle Tour – so no matter how much fun you are having in Cape Town, do not forget to go to registration!

Friday’s Photo Session – The Cape Town Argus Cycle Tour Route

If you have registered for the Cape Town ‘Argus’ Cycle Tour 2015, you are in for a real treat! One of the world’s most beautiful bike rides, the Cape Argus is a spectacular 109km route around the Western Cape, and if you are wondering what the route is actually like, our Friday Photo Session will give you a peak into the world’s largest timed cycle race…

img_0105 img_0114 img_0141 img_0138 Cape Argus Route 2015 img_0133 img_0151 img_0115 img_0156 img_0119 img_0167 img_0166 img_0170

Cape Town Argus Cycle Tour Mania – Did You Get Your Entry for 2015?

When entries for the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2015 sold out in just 8-hours last month, a Cape Argus Mania seemed to hit the international cycling community!  Panicked Tweets and flustered Facebook messages were plentiful from those who didn’t manage to secure their place on the world’s largest time cycle tour – which has led to the event organisers releasing a further 3,000 entries for those who missed out.

Cape Town Argus Cycle Tour Entries for Internationals

Unlike general Cape Argus entries, which are sold on a first come first served basis, the remaining 3,000 entries will be issued on a ‘ballot-style’ basis to those who have registered their interest on the official Cape Town Cycle Tour website by 14th October.  So if you want to take part in the Cape Town Cycle Tour Lotto, now is the time to register!

If you do not manage to secure a general entry through the ballot, you can still register as an International Cyclist, or enter the Cape Argus 2015 through one of the many charities.  All the charities listed on the official Cape Town Cycle Tour website need your support, such as Pink Chicks Cancer support and Sea Rescue, but if you are an animal lover like me, look out for Race4Rhino – a fantastic Rhino conservation project.

We will be riding the newly renamed Cape Town Cycle Tour on our bicycle made for two on March 8th 2015 – so why not join us, and cycle the world’s most beautiful coastline with a bunch of cycling mad friends!

Cape Town ‘Argus’ Cycle Tour 2015 – Sold Out in 8-Hours!

The Cape Town ‘Argus’ Cycle Tour has always been a popular event, with some 35,000 cyclists taking part each year, but when registration opened on 26th September, I don’t think anyone realised just how popular this amazing cycle tour really is!

South African entries for the Cape Argus (can’t get used to calling it the Cape Town Cycle Tour yet!) sold out in just 8 hours this year – it usually takes 2-3 weeks, and while it is still possible for South African’s to ride for a charity, they will have to pay more for the privilege.

Get Your Place on the Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2015

If you are one of the many South African’s that missed registration, you will be pleased to know that charity entries are set to open later this week, but you’ll need to be quick if you are to snap up one of the few remaining places!  WWF have a great Cape Town Cycle Tour package, which includes guaranteed entry, a cycle jersey and a few other treats.

With a long list of cyclists to enrol in the Cape Argus 2015, I logged into registration at 2.37pm (it opened at 2pm) thinking that there would be a couple of thousand in front of me, so when my queue number came up as 19,856 I knew I was in for a long wait!

However, the system worked exactly as it should, and by 7.50pm, we were all enrolled on the most beautiful cycle tour in the world.  I guess now we just need to start training!

If you didn’t manage to secure your entry on the Cape Town Argus Cycle Tour 2015, drop us a message, we would be more than happy to assist International Entrants with their trip to Cape Town!





Cape Argus Cycle Tour is now the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2015

In case you missed the “big announcement”, the Cape Argus Cycle Tour has a new name!  No longer simply the Argus, the Cape Argus or the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Momentum Cycle Tour, the world’s largest timed cycle race is now called the Cape Town Cycle Tour.

Makes sense, I suppose, although I am sure many veterans of the race will struggle to refer to it as anything other than ‘The Argus’, but if it draws more international cyclists to Cape Town for this amazing annual event it will give the local economy a boost – and that’s always a good thing.

Here is what the event organisers had to say on the official Cape Town Cycle Tour Facebook page, along with a copy of the new logo:

“It is with great pleasure that we announce the official renaming of the iconic Cape Argus Pick n Pay Momentum Cycle Tour to the Cape Town Cycle Tour in celebration of the event’s iconic status and increasing global appeal.

Cape Town Cycle Tour

In association with our three co-naming right sponsors, Cape Argus, Pick n Pay and Momentum, we are thrilled to move into the next phase to becoming one of the world’s most desirable participation sporting events.”

If you intend to take part in the Cape Town ‘Argus’ Cycle Tour in March 2015, you will be pleased to know that registration opens at 2pm tomorrow afternoon (Cape Town time), so secure your place, and go down in history as one of the 35,000 cyclists to take part in the first ever Cape Town Cycle Tour!

Image courtesy of the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust

Cape Argus 2015 – Big Announcement Expected Tonight!

If you are waiting to register for the Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2015, then you will already know that the event organisers delayed registration this year until Friday, 26th September, to coincide with a “big announcement”.

Cape Argus 2015 Cycle Packages for International Entrants

As the Cape Argus is a big deal for us here at Equatours (we LOVE it!), we have been following the official Cape Argus Cycle Tour Facebook page with great interest  over the past few days as they count us down to registration – and yesterday they revealed that they would be announcing something ‘big’ today.

As we speak (or I type), both the official cycle tour website and the Cape Argus Facebook page is down, so I’m guessing they are making some changes right now…! Can anyone guess what those changes are going to be?

Well, my guess is that they are going to add more routes, perhaps a shorter version for those who cannot manage the 109km of the original Cape Argus Cycle Tour, and a longer race for professionals and semi-professionals who like to push it to the max, but that’s purely speculation on my part.

Tonight we will know more, but if you hear before I do, give us a shout and let us know!



10 Days & Counting until Cape Argus Registration 2015

It’s the Final Countdown international cyclists, and if you are heading to Cape Town for the Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2015, you only have to wait 10 more days until registration opens.

If you are still undecided about taking part in the Cape Argus 2015, perhaps these Top 10 photo’s from the Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2014 will motivate you to book your spot on the world’s largest timed cycle race…

Cape Argus 2015 Group Tours from UK Germany Austria Canada USA img_2891 img_0074 img_0095 img_0088 img_0115 img_0119 img_0122 img_0106