Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2015 – Registration Opens on 26th September

Finally, the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust has announced that registration for the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Momentum Cycle Tour 2015 will open on Friday, 26th September 2014 at 1pm.

In previous years, registration for the Cape Argus has always taken place on 1st September, but this year the entries open date has been delayed to coincide with an “important announcement”.

Cape Argus 2015 Cape Town

Like many Argus fans, we are intrigued to find out what this important announcement is going to be, but the event organisers are not giving much away, David Bellairs, a director of the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust said:

 “Traditionally, general public entries for the Cycle Tour have opened on the first day of September. This year, the entries open date has been delayed to coincide with an exciting announcement about the tour. While a few changes will be introduced, they will not impact on the format of the route and our main priority remains to provide the world-class experience that participants and spectators have come to expect.”

The Cape Argus Cycle Tour is set to take place on Sunday, 8th March 2015, and we are in no doubt that, all 35,000 places will sell out quick – so if you haven’t done so already, add September 26th to your diary, and make sure you are online at 1pm Cape Town time!

What do you think this “Important Announcement” is going to be?  Some people have been suggesting that they might bring Boye’s Drive back – let us know what you think!

The Cape Argus Cycle Tour and the Two Oceans Marathon = A Sporting Spring in Cape Town

If the recent weather conditions are anything to go by, it looks as though we are in for a long cold winter in the Northern Hemisphere, so why not give yourself something to look forward to with a sporting spring break in Cape Town.

Two Oceans Marathon Holidays

March and April are two of the best months of the year to visit Cape Town and its surrounding areas, and as peak season is just about coming to an end, the hotels, restaurants and visitor attractions are less crowded, and you can take part in two of the most amazing sporting events.

The Cape Argus Pick n Pay Momentum Cycle Tour takes place on the 8th March 2015 and the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon takes place on 4th April 2015, so if you love to cycle and run in the sun, you could combine both of these world-famous sporting events into one fantastic holiday!

The Cape Argus Cycle Tour is a one-day 109km cycle race along one of the world’s most stunning coastlines. Some 35,000 cyclists take part each year, and it attracts professional cyclists, semi-professionals, hobby cyclists and charity bikers from across the globe. The Cape Argus is open to anyone over the age of 13-years (11 if on a tandem with an adult), but entries sell out fast (it took just a week this year!), so you need to register in September to secure your place.

After the Cape Argus 2015 you will have a couple of weeks to recover before the Two Oceans Marathon, so you could visit the Western Cape Winelands, do some training along the Garden Route, or even take a quick 3-day Safari in Kruger National Park.

The Old Mutual Two Oceans Ultra Marathon has earned a reputation as the world’s most beautiful marathon, and as it covers much of the Argus cycle route, you will know exactly what to expect during this whopping 56km race!  The event attracts around 26,000 participants each year, although many compete in the 21km half-marathon or 5km fun run – leaving the 56k’s to the hardcore runners!

So don’t let the wind and rain get you down this winter, stay indoors on your treadmill and spinning bike, and emerge just in time for a sporting springtime in Cape Town – we’ll see you there!




Seeding for the Cape Argus 2015 – International Cyclists

International cyclists taking part in the Cape Argus Cycle Tour can be seeded in one of the earlier / semi-professional start groups, but you have to contact the cycle tour organisers with your latest cycling achievements so that they can rank your position.

Experience has shown us over the past few years that International Cyclists are seeded in early groups anyway (between 7am and 8:30am), but if you are competing in the Cape Argus for a good time, then it is understandable that you would rather be at the front with the fit guys, than with us tandem hobby riders at the back!

While 99% of the Cape Argus seeding events are held in South Africa, there is one in Namibia – the 100km Nedbank Cycle Challenge, and the cycle tour recently added London’s 160 mile Prudential Ride to its official premier seeding events.

Unfortunately, for us Brits, the London Prudential Ride took place last weekend, and so if you didn’t take part, you need to send the following information to

  • Name / Information on recent events you have participated in
  • Distance and degree of difficulty of each race
  • Winner’s time
  • Your time
  • Average Speed
  • Number of Participants
  • Your position
  • Anything else you think relevant to your seeding position

If the event organisers cannot determine your seeding position from the information supplied, you will be automatically seeded in one of the international groups.

Many international cyclists have expressed their concerns about the Cape Argus Cycle Tour being overcrowded, but I can honestly say that we have never felt blocked or cramped into a group, and there has always been plenty of room to pass on the right.

Many Equatours non-seeded cyclists have completed the Cape Argus in less than 3hours 10mins (3hrs 9minutes is the record so far!), so don’t worry about your seeding position; you only thing you need to worry about is having strong legs!







Renting a Bike for the Cape Argus – Do it now!

We may have seven months to go until the Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2015, but if you are an International cyclists and you intend to rent a bicycle in Cape Town for the world’s largest timed cycle race – you really need to do it now!

I know you probably think I am overreacting, but the truth is, once registration for the Cape Argus Cycle Tour opens in September this year, virtually all the quality road bikes in Cape Town will be rented out, and if you don’t book now – you will struggle to find something suitable.

Want to Rent a Bike in Cape Town for the Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2014? Now is the time to book!

With 35,000 cyclist to cater for, the demand is far higher than the supply in Cape Town over the Argus period, and while you may be able to rent a mountain bike in the weeks before the event, you can pretty much guarantee it will be at least 20 years old and have more rust than race!

We encourage all international cyclists to take their own bikes to Cape Town for the Cape Argus, but we know that it is not idea if you are heading off on a South African Safari or driving the Garden Route after the race, so if renting is the only option for you, secure your bike now.

Bicycle rental companies in Cape Town have a minimum rental period over the Cape Argus weekend, they have to make money after all, but with the current $/£/€ exchange rate, you can get a quality road bike for 5-7 days for around £150 – £200. Transporting your own bicycle with a reputable airline would cost a similar amount, so you need to weigh-up the pros and cons and decide which option is right for you.

If you intend to ride the Cape Argus Cycle Tour for fun, then renting a road bike is probably the perfect solution for you, but if you are racing for a good time and the style/ type / condition of your road bike is very important to you – renting is not a good option. They are rental bikes after all, and you will not be the first person riding them!

We have some great connections in Cape Town, so if you need a bike, just drop us an email and we’ll put you in touch with our preferred partners – but don’t delay, we probably won’t be able to help you this time next month!






Cape Argus 2015 Cape Town – What to Wear

In keeping with the laid-back and easygoing atmosphere of Cape Town, the ‘dress code’ for the Cape Argus Cycle Tour is pretty relaxed, with the only compulsory item being a bicycle helmet that complies with ANSI Z90/4 or SNELL standards.

Cycling shoes or trainers, shorts and t-shirts are recommended by the event organisers “for your safety and convenience”, but you can wear whatever you like – and that includes fancy dress!

Cape Argus Bike Tour

We have seen Smurfs, Ladybirds, patriotic Brits wrapped up in Union Jack Flags and plenty of men in dresses during our Cape Argus adventures, and if you are riding the Cape Argus Cycle Tour for charity in 2015, you can really go to town on an elaborate outfit that will get you and your charity noticed.

Your costume must be “appropriate” however, as the Cape Argus is a family event, and you must consider rider safety when dressing up to make sure you don’t cause any pileups!

Most people participating in the Cape Argus wear regular cycling gear, and while the thought of pulling on skin-tight Lycra shorts and jerseys after a long winter in the northern hemisphere is somewhat daunting, it will make for a much more comfortable ride!

Here’s what we recommend you wear on Race Day:

Bicycle Helmet – You are going to be wearing it for 3-7 hours (depending how good you are!), so make sure it fits well and you feel comfortable.  You can buy the latest styles and models at the Cape Argus Expo.

Sunglasses – An essential piece of equipment for race day, wrap-around sunglasses will protect against the sun’s intense rays and keep wind and road debris out of your eyes.

Cycle Jersey – A quality cycle jersey will keep you cool, and they generally have plenty of pockets along the back for your energy bars, spare CO2 canisters, and anything else you need to carry.

Cycling Shorts – I did my first ever Cape Argus in regular (un-padded) Nike shorts – BIG mistake! Invest in the most comfortable cycling shorts you can find!

Shoes / Trainers – If you use ‘clicks’ – you will probably have a good pair of cycling shoes.  If not, trainers are perfect for the event.

Cycling Gloves – these are optional, but with temperatures reaching 30° degrees in Cape Town over the Cape Argus period, they might give you a firmer grip on your handlebars.

A Smile – this is not optional, and I guarantee you will have one on your face when you cross the finish line!



Brand New Cape Argus Cycle Tour Garden Route Package for 2015

Our Cape Argus Cycle Tour Garden Route Package for 2015 is finally ready! The ultimate training package for international cyclists who want to be in peak condition for the Cape Argus Cycle Tour on Sunday 8th March 2015, our brand new Platinum Package will give you the opportunity to get in shape as you cycle one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines – South Africa’s Garden Route. Cape Argus 2015 Group Holidays for International Cyclists Starting in Port Elizabeth and finishing in Cape Town, our spectacular 10-day group tour includes all flights, accommodations, professional cycle guides, back-up vehicles, luggage transportation, most meals, bike transportation and entry into the world’s largest timed cycle race – the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Momentum Cycle Tour 2015.

Here’s an overview:

Day 1     –              Depart on overnight flight to Port Elizabeth (indirect)

Day 2     –              Arrive in Port Elizabeth / Overnight Port Elizabeth

Day 3     –              Port Elizabeth to Storms River Mouth – 170km Cycling

Day 4     –              Storms River Mouth – Wilderness – 156km Cycling

Day 5     –              Mountain Stage – Wilderness to Mossel Bay – 130km / 150km Cycling

Day 6     –              Mossel Bay – Hermanus – 170km Cycling

Day 7     –              Hermanus – Cape Town – 90km Cycling / Overnight Cape Town

Day 8     –              Cape Town – Cape Argus Registration and EXPO / Pasta Party

Day 9     –              Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2015 – 109km / Party of Champions

Day 10   –              Escorted Trekking Tour Lions Head Mountain (weather permitting)

Day 11   –              Departure

Day 1                                                                                                                              Depart on overnight flight to Port Elizabeth (Indirect)

Day 2                                                                                                                                   Upon arrival in Port Elizabeth, your guide will meet you and transfer you to the hotel for the night. After a pre-ride briefing, you will enjoy dinner with the rest of the group.

Day 3     Cycling approx. 170km                                                                                             After an optional early morning pre-breakfast ride out along the coast for those who are keen, and breakfast, you will then drive out of PE and start riding on the old road after Van Stadens River Pass. You will pass Gamtoos , Jefferies Bay, Humansdorp and Langeberg Mountain range, before making lunch stop at Oudebosch Farm Stall.  You will then continue cycling through the forest, ending with a spectacular descent down to the ocean at Storms River Mouth, where you will enjoy a refreshing swim and cold beers.

Day 4     Cycling approx. 155km                                                                                             Today you will experience the heart of the world-famous, scenic ‘Garden Route’.  Bloukrans & Nature’s Valley provide two wonderful challenges with stunning descents and testing climbs. After a picnic lunch, your route takes you through the forests to Knysna, from where the day continues along the rolling hills of the ‘Lake District’ past Sedgefield to Wilderness.

Day 5     Cycling approx. 130 – 150km                                                                                The ride starts with the “Afris-Roubaix” climb up White’s Road on hard-packed dirt in to George. You will then climb to the top of the 11 km Outeniqua Pass, before a thrilling descent down the other side. From here, you will shuttle bus to the Safari Ostrich Farm, before cycling up the Robinson’s pass and on to Mossel Bay, ending at your hotel on the beach.

Day 6     Cycling approx. 170km                                                                                     Today’s route threads through the wheat fields and rolling hills to Bredasdorp where you will enjoy a lunch stop with homemade “Sexy Bread” at Moerse Plaasstaal. You will then test your leg muscles with some larger climbs through to Stanford, before hitting the famous coastal town of Hermanus.

Day 7     Cycling approx. 90km                                                                                              After breakfast today, you will head out to Kleinmond and around the coastline past Betty’s Bay & Rooi Els to Gordon’s Bay along one the best scenic cycling routes in the world. Overlooking False Bay and across the Cape Peninsular, this is a highlight for many, and after enjoying an invigorating swim at Gordon’s Bay Bikini Beach, a shower and lunch, you will head to Cape Town for the next part of your adventure.

Day 8     Cape Argus Registration and Expo                                                                       After breakfast, the complementary one-way shuttle will depart to the Cape Argus Registration and EXPO, where you will collect your Race Pack, RaceTec Chip, and spend as much or as little time as you like exploring the EXPO.  The afternoon is yours to do as you please, and we will all meet for our ‘Pasta Party’ in the evening, to stock up on those all-important carbs for race day!

Day 9     CAPE ARGUS CYCLE TOUR – 109km                                                               The day you have been waiting for has finally arrived, and after a very early breakfast (around 5.30am), we will make our way down to the start line. With a whole seven hours to complete the race, you have plenty of time to enjoy the experience, before heading back to the hotel with your well-deserved medal. We will regroup at around 6.30 in the evening for our Party of Champions, which includes a drinks and a range of snacks and canapés.

Day 10   Hiking Lions Head                                                                                             Today, you can spend the day at your leisure enjoying the spectacular city of Cape Town, or join us on our half-day trekking tour up Lions Head Mountain – where you can expect the best view in town! (weather permitting)

Day 11   Depature                            

This fantastic Cape Argus group tour is available to everyone, and we can arrange your flights from any international airport in the world, but we have limited spaces available, so secure your spot today!                                                                                                                                                                                

Cape Argus EXPO 2015 – Your One-Stop Shop for the World’s Largest Timed Cycle Race

If you are planning to cycle the Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2015, there is one event you simply shouldn’t miss, and that is the Cape Argus Lifecycle Expo, South Africa’s largest cycling, fitness & healthy lifestyle exhibition at the Good Hope Centre in Cape Town.

Housing over 320 exhibitors from around the world, the Cape Argus Expo is a magnificent three-day event, and as you have to go there to pick up your race-pack and RaceTec chip, we recommend you give yourself a couple of hours to explore the many exhibitors and the Mediclinic Medical Village available on site.

Cape Argus Cycle Tour Packages

Mediclinic plays a huge role in the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Momentum Cycle Tour, with up to 25 doctors, 80 nurses, 250 physiotherapists and over 300 first aiders, emergency vehicles and volunteers to keep you safe, and during the Cape Argus Expo, cyclists with pre-existing medical conditions are invited to visit the Mediclinic Medical Village for complementary health checks and dietary advice.

If you fancy treating yourself to a new bike, a new bicycle helmet, new cycling gear, or a brand new pair of Oakley sunglasses, you will find everything you could possibly wish for at the Cape Argus EXPO, with retailers selling everything from the latest Cannondale Tandem Bikes (want one!) to high performance energy fuel, drinks and sports bars that will help you get the most out of your race.

Want to Rent a Bike in Cape Town for the Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2014? Now is the time to book!

When you pick up your Cape Argus Cycle Tour Race-Pack, be sure to collect the official cycle-tour event magazine, which is packed with useful information and loads of discount vouchers including ‘Buy 1 get 1 Free’ Table Mountain Cable Car tickets, two-for-one massage coupons, and plenty of other freebies!

But the Cape Argus Expo is not all about shopping!  You can have your legs waxed (ouch!) to improve your velocity, you can have a massage, you can purchase official Cape Argus merchandise such as caps, t-shirts and cycling gear and you can sponsor your favourite charity – all in one cycle-mad location!

The Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2015 is so much more than a one-day event, so join us in Cape Town for a Cycling Spectacular!